Club Review

With over 500 private member clubs* in the province and a total respective membership in excess of 257,000** of the adult population, you can be assured your business will reach a lucrative marketplace.


Club Review represents a substantial marketing vehicle for all businesses wishing to reach a family orientated target audience with substantial purchasing power.  The fact is, that Northern Ireland’s private member clubs represent a major sector of the population with an established spend of £500,000 per day, an investment accredited through Northern Ireland Sports Council surveys.


Be a part of a province-wide business community
Published eight times per year and with a circulation of 5,000 copies, Club Review is delivered by direct mail, and in person by executive committee members, to each registered club in Northern Ireland, in line with their club membership.


Uniquely, Club Review is both a consumer and trade magazine, reaching out to club management decision makers and regular members alike.  Club members can of course be elected to committee status thus making them decision makers, but regular club members on the other hand also have access to the publication, fulfilling the consumer aspect.


In addition to the printed version of the magazine, Club Review is also available to view or download from the Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs website, with all display advertisements having active hyperlinks back to their respective business website.
The only media route to Northern Ireland's private member clubs


Established in 1987, 'Club Review' is the only official journal of the Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs and features editorials focused on the activities, business, and aspirations of registered clubs and their members.  Editorials are also featured on new products available to clubs, local charity news and sports items, to name only a few.


* Northern Ireland's private member clubs include those registered under the 1996 Clubs (N.I.) Order and Accounts Regulations.
** Based on information supplied by N.I.C.V.A.