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Fees for Entertainment Licences - Effective from 6th April 2023

The latest Entertainment Licence Fees effective from 6th April 2023 are available from the link below.


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The Licensing and Registration of Clubs (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2021 Guide

With the upcoming changes to the Clubs Order coming into effect on 1st October, please click the link below to download the official guide which details each provision.


It is important that the management committee or governing body of all registered clubs are familiar with these changes. Please share this information with your members and recommend that they engage the services of a solicitor where necessary.


Should you require any help please call any of the Federation Helplines.


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Clause 33 - Increase in Number of Authorisations for Special Occasions
Members should note the following additional requirement when applying for a late extension, singularly or in block.


In Phase 1 of the amendments the number of authorisations which can be granted by the police to any registered club in a year has increased from 85 to 104.
We are informed by the department that the form, which you can download from the links below, is to be used as the notice which is required to be placed outside, or adjacent to, the premises, outlining the late extension(s) once within the three week period prior to the first event. This form can also be used to notify the local council, which is also required under the new Act.
To apply to the PSNI for the late extensions you are advised to follow the procedure you have used previously.
You can download the form by clicking here (PDF format)  or  (Word format).