Re-opening Safely with Help from ELAS

Protect Your Business, Your Staff and Your Customers!
There’s no getting away from it, COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon. And as long as it’s here, it’s going to make it difficult for any business to return to normal operations. And whilst the government and media discuss what exactly the ‘new normal’ will be, you’re likely anxious just to re-open your business in some way, shape or form, as soon as you receive the green light to do so from the authorities of course.

So, with the news providing mixed messages on a daily basis, it’s almost impossible for businesses to know what they need to do to enable them to re-open in a manner that’s safe for their business, their staff and their customers. However, it doesn’t need to be that way! Elas's team have put together a complete series of guidance documents setting out everything you need to know to allow you to re-open your business and protect your staff. And they’re offering all this vital information to UK businesses FOR FREE! That’s right all you need to do to get access to this invaluable resource is complete the contact form on their website and it’s yours, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. You can find the contact page by clicking HERE.


For further information on how ELAS can help your club contact:

Ronnie McCullough - 07584 192601

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