A Cash Machine Means Extra Business

While there is a little paper work to carry out, committees should consider the benefits to be obtained by installing a cash machine on their club premises.

Having a machine in your club does three essential things:
1. While there is a small charge, it nevertheless provides a convenient service for members.
2. It creates income for the club.
3. The club saves through the transfer of money into the clubs bank account.

With withdrawals, pensions and other state benefits being accessible in this way, the club can provide a valuable service for its members who, particularly in times of inclement weather, can obtain cash from the machine in the comfort of his or her club. It seems sensible to deduce that a member would prefer to remain in a warm club on a cold day, rather than have to queue at a post office or at a cash machine in the high street. Furthermore over a period of time it is highly likely that an increase in turnover will be reflected.

Reflecting once again on the convenience aspect, a member will not have to stop at a cash machine on their way to the club, but rather wait, knowing they have the facility in their club.

A number of clubs are reporting outstanding reports as to the benefits of such machines, which would seem to indicate that members and visitors view the small charge as being well worth while for the convenient service provided.

Anyone wishing to obtain confirmation of the benefits should contact the Federation Chairman, John Davidson on helpline 07889 800329 who has first hand knowledge of the system, or local InfoCash agents, P&F Amusements on 028 9077 9408.